Youth Empowerment Program

Young people who engage in activism and service experience personal growth, expand their networks, often receive mentoring, and can enjoy opportunities to expand their impact by participating in broader political and community leadership.

Voice of Iran is pleased to offer a mentorship program that inspires young Iranian Americans to find their passion towards activism and advocacy for human rights as well as for Iranian people whose basic human rights are being assaulted by the Islamic Republic regime. Through this program, students and young professionals aged 17-32 can give valuable insights and guidance as they pursue their educational and professional goals. 

The mentorship relationship is based on mutual respect, open communication, and a shared understanding and can have a positive impact on all aspects of life. We invite those interested in participating to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to grow and develop with support of experienced mentors. If you are interested, here is the registration form: 

During the program, youth are introduced and mentored in different aspects of activism throughout our departments Marketing, social media, website, staging, legislative, communication and fundraising, and through experiencing volunteering in different fields they also learn where their passion and talent is.  

Activism can benefit teenagers, and not just on their college or job applications. Speaking their minds can contribute to teens’ mental well-being and even lay the groundwork for success as an adult. Being engaged at any level is good, it energizes kids and clarifies what’s meaningful to them. 

A study published in the journal Child Development points out that engaging in civic activities—specifically voting, volunteering, and activism—can have positive effects on teenagers’ mental and physical health. Being involved in the community can help reduce depression and lower the chances of unhealthy behavior, such as substance abuse, researchers found.

Below: See photos of recent Voice of Iran events in which we worked with local youth.

These are photos from rallies, and performances with Voice of Iran, over the last several months.