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A year after Mahsa Amini was murdered by morality police, the Woman, Life, Freedom uprising in Iran remains strong. Across the country, women and their allies are standing up and speaking out in support of human rights and democracy. 

Here in the United States, our community has come together to urge our elected officials to take action in support of the brave people of Iran. These efforts have led to the bipartisan passage of the MAHSA Act in the House of Representatives, and now we must continue that work to ensure its passage in the Senate.

The MAHSA Act codifies sanctions on the Supreme Leader of Iran, the President of Iran, and their offices for human rights abuses and support of terrorism. Specifically, the legislation requires the Executive Branch to determine sanctions under existing executive orders (E.O.). This includes E.O.13876 which sanctions the Iranian Supreme Leader’s Office and his inner circle, E.O. 13553 and E.O. 13818 which pertain to human rights abuses, and E.O. 13224 which pertains to counterterrorism. 

The Iranian regime’s gross human rights violations are clear. In response to the growing Woman, Life, Freedom uprising, regime forces have violently repressed free speech, injured and even executed protesters, and repeatedly blocked access to communications services. This legislation is a crucial step in holding the regime’s leaders accountable for their human rights abuses. 

Take Action NOW! Tell your Senators to stand with the Iranian people, hold the Islamic Republic accountable for its actions, and do this by cosponsoring the MAHSA Act.