People of Iran Boycott the Presidential Election of Islamic Republic, WHY?

July 1, 2024

The recent presidential election in Iran has seen a significant lack of participation from the Iranian people. This lack of contribution is a deliberate choice made by many Iranians to boycott the election process. The Islamic Republic of Iran places great importance on high voter turnout as a means to legitimize its rule. However, the refusal of the Iranian people to participate in this election sends a strong message both domestically and internationally.

Lack of Belief in the Electoral System

One of the primary reasons for the boycott of the presidential election by many Iranians is their lack of belief in the electoral system itself. The current system in Iran is perceived by many as undemocratic and lacking transparency. The Guardian Council, a body composed of clerics and jurists, has significant influence over who can run for office, leading to limited choices for the electorate. This lack of genuine competition undermines the credibility of the electoral process in the eyes of many Iranians.

Desire for Real Democracy

The Iranian people’s decision to abstain from participating in the presidential election also reflects their desire for real democracy. Many Iranians feel that their voices are not truly heard through elections that are tightly controlled by religious and political authorities. They seek a system where they can freely choose their leaders through fair and transparent elections, rather than being presented with limited options pre-approved by unelected bodies.

International Significance

The boycott of the presidential election holds significance not only within Iran but also on the international stage. By refusing to participate, Iranians are signaling to the world that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic nor an electoral process that they perceive as flawed and undemocratic. This act of defiance aims to draw attention to their aspirations for genuine democracy and their dissatisfaction with the current theocratic oppressive political system.

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